Go Blue for BSL/ISL!

Social Media Engagement

Share your blue looks on social media using #BlueOutforBSL/ISL and #SignLanguageWeek, expressing support for British Sign Language, Irish Sign Language and Sign Language Week.

Fundraising Opportunity

Use the following documents as fundraising inspiration during Sign Language Week 2024 and share it with others in your community. Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to fundraise for the BDA, the World Federation of the Deaf or any of our BSL Alliance members. The BSL Alliance is group of over 50 organisations who all have a core purpose that includes BSL. They work together to improve the lives of BSL signers in Great Britain through community engagement and policy reform.

Your donations will help us continue to Promote BSL and support the BDA’s strategic vision, shaped by the BSL Act 2022, which aims to empower, support and foster the UK Deaf Community – a cultural and linguistic minority – to take ownership of our shared BSL futures.


We want to see BSL ingrained in all stages of life. If you have any additional questions regarding fundraising for the BDA or the BSL Alliance, please contact fundraising@bda.org.uk


Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

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