Sign Language Week 2018

DAY 7 – Saturday 18th March

“Pride in BSL Day”

We are celebrating ‘Pride in BSL Day’ – today at the Royal School for the Deaf in Derby. It is the closing event of our successful nationwide ‘Sign Language Week 2018’ to raise awareness of the United Kingdom’s Deaf community and provide a platform for Deaf people to proudly promote their language and culture.

It was our time to celebrate our beautiful and unique language, British Sign Language (BSL) with the anniversary of BSL Recognition Day – every year since 18 March 2003.

DAY 6 – Saturday 17th March

“We are proud of Our Future”

Fast approaching in the next month is the World Federation of Deaf Youth’s children camp to be held in Argentina. Four young Deaf children from the U.K. will be going and they are so excited! We have some videos of them telling us how they feel about the trip and what their goals and dreams for the future are.

DAY 5 – Friday 16th March

“We are Proud of Our Language”

Take a look at how the Scottish Deaf community feel a sense of pride with their language.

DAY 4 – Thursday 15th March

“We are Proud of Our Culture”

We asked members of the South West Deaf community what are they are proud of.

DAY 3 – Wednesday 14th March

“We are Proud of Our community”

We have a great and close-knit Deaf community and we are proud of it! We have deaf sports, social, business and many to mention. Take a look at Day 3 video with Belfast Deaf United football club.

DAY 2 – Tuesday 13th March

“We are Proud of Our History”

We have a beautiful and rich history of British Sign Language and the Deaf community. You can see the rest of our online archive via SHARE: The Deaf Visual

DAY 1 – Monday 12th March

“We have Pride – What are you proud of?”

Tell us what are you proud of?