British Sign Language’s roots are in Deaf people. We are the stewards of our language and culture as we pass it from one generation to the next.

We know that we are not the only ones that use the language. Many hearing parents of deaf children learn BSL to provide the most well rounded, socially inclusive education for their children. Hearing people with deaf parents learn BSL as part of their native culture and BSL is part of their heritage.

There are many other hearing people who learn BSL in schools, colleges and universities around the country. Many more of you have partners, colleagues, friends, neighbours and relatives who are deaf. This is your chance to tell us about the inspiring Deaf people that you know.

Write a short message, or upload a brief video, to tell us about them and the difference that they make. You can also tell us about the younger deaf people and how they dream big to achieve highly now and for the future.

Stuck for ideas? Here’s some tips:

  • If filming a video on a smartphone, make sure that your ‘signing frame’ (the total space around you that you use while signing) is completely in shot. This is best done by placing the phone securely on a flat surface in front of you, long side down. (Still not sure? Watch the video on our homepage and let Fifi show you how to do it)
  • Your video could be anything from 30 seconds, to around 2 minutes. If writing in to us, then anything from three or four sentences, to around 300 words is plenty.
  • Use the time wisely! Tell us exactly what it is about this person that is so inspiring?
  • Make it personal. How does this person’s achievements make your life better?

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