Wendy Galloway


Why do you have a ‘Pride in BSL’?: Hello everyone, I’m going to explain to you why I’m so proud of the BSL Act. When I arrived home my neighbour’s children approached me and they started to fingerspell their names. I was extremely gob smacked as the children knew how to fingerspell their names. The children are aged between 7-11 years old.  I asked them how they knew how to fingerspell their names, they informed me that they learnt this skill from a sign language teacher at school. They asked me if they could borrow a sign language visual alphabet card. I went upstairs to retrieve it and I handed these out to the children, and they started to practice, which was such a proud moment. I’ve  know these children for roughly  4 or 5 years, and communication between us  was difficult until last year when they started to learn sign language and became more visual when communicating with me. I’m so proud of my neighbour’s children.