Sarla Meisuria


Why do you have a ‘Pride in BSL’?: Hello my name is Sarla, I would like to tell you all about sign language week this week. The BDA have asked about my recent Achievements. Last Month (Feb 2018) In Newham, East London, the mayor nominated me for a community achievement award. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say. The award was in recognition of my support of the Deaf community; including my work with the Asian Deaf Women’s Association 1991 – present, London Deaf Ethnic Minorities Association, Forest Gate Youth Centre, Teaching British Sign Language (BSL) for many years, being the chair-person of the Greater London Deaf Association and my work with the 888 film club. The 888 film club was a really successful project with the BFI in Stratford and has been involved for over 26 years to date.

My journey has Taught me a lot, none of this would have been possible with you, the Deaf and hearing communities and the BDA; It makes me very proud to celebrate sign language week, Thank you.