Jacqueline Barnes-Jones – Specialist Deaf Outreach Worker


Age: 41

Gender: Female

Job Title: Specialist Deaf Outreach Worker

City/Town: Newcastle

Tell us about your Job: For many years I worked at a Deaf Youth Project which was a charity organisation. Now I work for the NHS for National Deaf Child Adolescent Mental Health Service covering the North of England. We are based in Newcastle but also have offices in York and Manchester. My role is a Specialist Deaf Outreach Worker is a unique element to the CAMHS service. Within our team we have clinicians; Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Community Nurses, Family Support Workers and Admin staff. We are a mixture of both Deaf and hearing staff. We visit families both at home and at school; my hearing colleagues work as the clinicians skilled in assessing the mental health of our clients and as a Deaf person I use my skills and understanding to work alongside families and clients in working through issues relating to their Deafness and communication. We work with both hearing children of D/deaf parents and D/deaf children of hearing parents; difficulties within the family could be communication frustrations, behaviour or abilities to cope. I work with the child to embrace their deafness, build confidence and empower them. We explore potential barriers that the child could be facing and raise awareness on such matters. As a Deaf person, my role is such an important one, demonstrating a positive role model to children and instilling the belief that they can achieve great things in a better quality of life through better communication.