Age: 16

Gender: Female

What is your dream job: My dream job is to be a dance therapist – I’d have to work very hard to do this, however I am so passionate about dance and there is not enough facility’s about for those with any sort of disabilitys, mental health, physical health anything. I believe anything is possible you can either improvise or learn something new. This will teach them how to express there emotions in a way that won’t be getting them into trouble. This is experience as it’s helped me however there hasn’t been dance classes around for me to do this. I want to make this happen and people be more aware. I also want to do to keep kids of the streets! Maybe this will motivate something to do something good And aim for what they want. Overall I know this will help others, dancing has helped me. I’m so passionate about getting my message across and showing that there is something out their to help other than speaking verbally or using sign. This will help many, could even save lives.

As well as that I’d like to be known as a deaf dancer, featured in commercials and music videos.

To me this will show the world that anything is possible