Adrian Bailey


Gender: Male

City/Town: London

Tell us your story: I grew up with Deaf parents, I work as a BSL-English Interpreter, and I used to work as a CSW. I am also a Director of CODA UK and Ireland.
I am fortunate to have grown up with a rich, visual language and to have had a bilingual upbringing. I am privileged to work with dedicated, ambitious Deaf people who work across a variety of fields – from the creative industries to politics – and who demonstrate on a daily basis that barriers to ambition can be broken down. I’ve seen first hand how important BSL is for Deaf children, and I encourage any Deaf person watching this who is lacking in self-confidence to take heart, follow your dreams, be prepared to work hard and to never give up on what you really want.
CODA UK and Ireland supports Deaf families to use their native sign language at home, no matter whether the children are hearing or deaf. We also support Deaf children who should be able to learn in BSL for the benefit of their development. We support the BDA and congratulate them for establishing Sign Language Week. Happy Sign Language Week! We can’t wait to see what is in store this week, and next year too!