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Photo Gallery from the ‘Pride in BSL Day’ event  – Sunday 18th March 2018

“Pride in BSL Day” was the closing event of our magnificent nationwide “Sign Language Week 2018” to raise awareness of the United Kingdom’s Deaf community and provide a platform for Deaf people to proudly promote their language and culture.

It was our time to celebrate our beautiful and unique language, British Sign Language (BSL) with the anniversary of BSL Recognition Day – every year since 18 March 2003.

A day of workshops, performances, and entertainment at the Royal School for the Deaf, Derby, was open to all and followed by a relaxed social gathering.

It was a brilliant turn-out despite the snow and chilly weather. Hand-wave to all those who turned up and massive thanks to the BDA staff and volunteers.

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BBC News via Facebook Live – Friday 17 March 2017

Learn sign language. An online petition wants sign language to be included on the national curriculum in England. Dr Robert Adam from the British Deaf Association and UCL is answering your questions with sign language interpreter Adrian Bailey

Posted by BBC News on Friday, 17 March 2017

BDA Press Release – Thursday 16 March 2017


Channel 4 News – Thursday 16 March 2017


BBC News – Thursday 16 March 2017


Margaret Keemam – BBC Wales / Westminster producer – Thursday 16 March 2017