Day 7 - 24th March

On the last day of sign language week, we reflect on our future. How will sign language and culture continue to help us to prosper?

Our board members consider the message of Sign Language Week 2019 and how we can take it forward.

With sign language and deaf culture – we prosper!

Day 6 - 23rd March

On the sixth day of Sign Language Week, we celebrate how far we come in getting our rights recognised.

The BSL (Scotland) Act came into force in 2015 and ever since, the National Plan and Local Authority Plans are being created with direct consultation with Deaf people across Scotland. We all want to make Scotland a better place to live, visit and work. We have stood up for our rights, and are building a better future for the next generations.

With sign language and culture – we prosper!

Day 5 - 22nd March

Sign Language Week is very important for all of us. It happens in March every year, because we mark a very special date, March 18th. On that day in 2003, for the first time in our history, the UK Government recognised our language.

Our sign language and culture are part of who we are. Without that, we are lost. With it, we prosper – with confidence, with strength to face our many obstacles, with knowledge that we matter and we are part of this world.

With sign language and culture – we prosper!

Day 4 - 21st March

With sign language, comes a rich and diverse culture. This is why we often talk about Dr Paddy Ladd’s seminal concept ‘Deafhood’.

Deafhood is all about the process of acceptance and celebration of Deaf identity, and sharing our lives with each other as a community. Deafhood reaches beyond nationality and unites us all, but also recognises and celebrates our diverse backgrounds and identities.

Deafhood is something of which we are proud, and our sense of Deafhood has enabled us to remain strong as a community, defy expectations and break down barriers.

Deafhood exemplifies that with sign language and culture – we prosper!

Day 3 - 20th March

The potential of our young deaf people is boundless.

Every day we see deaf young people achieving great things, and their enthusiasm and skills will make them great leaders of tomorrow.

However, decisions are being made that are putting their futures in jeopardy. We have seen restrictions to funding, early intervention, language access, and access to the Deaf community.

Through programmes such as Deaf Roots and Pride, we reach out to young deaf people, who are often isolated or low in confidence. We provide strong Deaf role models, opportunities to socialise with deaf peers, and language development. In addition, the project provides essential practical support for them, their families, and their schools.

Watch Esha’s story to find out more.

By nurturing our young people through sign language and culture – we prosper!

Day 2 - 19th March

When deaf babies are diagnosed, families are not automatically offered Sign Language classes.

Teaching Sign Language to deaf children, as early as possible, creates a foundation for language which is accessible, and strengthens future language acquisition.

Watch these families’ stories to see how “With Sign Language and Culture we Prosper!

Find out more about Family Signing in the Home

Day 1 - 18th March

This Sign Language Week we recognise the importance of sign language in the home. For a Deaf child to reach their full potential, it is vital that both the child, parents and siblings learn to sign.

Last year saw the launch of the innovative project StorySign which provides high quality sign language translations of popular early years books.

As partners of the project, the BDA were excited for the potential for encouraging sign language in the home from the very start.

Research indicates up to 19 out of 20 deaf children are born into hearing families. We want to embolden families to know that with sign language and culture – we prosper!